Lock Out Services

One of the worst things that can happen to a car owner is getting locked out of their own vehicle. Whether you lost your keys or left them in the car, there’s no need to panic. Our lock out services are available for this exact situation.

No need to break into your own car.

Before you start thinking of doing something crazy like smashing a window, remember that you’re not the first person to ever get locked out of a car. So how did they solve this problem? By seeking the help of lock out services.

Drastic measures aren’t necessary. Just call us up and we’ll send a locksmith technician your way. Our experts come equipped with special tools that can open almost any car door or trunk without damaging your vehicle.

Anytime, anywhere in San Diego.

Getting locked out can happen when and where you least expect it. It can be one afternoon when you’re in the parking lot ready to leave work. Or it can be in the middle of the night when you’re eager to get home from a party. But when you get to your car, you find out that you don’t have your keys.

No matter the time or place, you can count on our lock out services to get you in your car and on your way. We’ll quickly send a professional auto locksmith so you can go home without having to leave your car behind.

When all else fails, we can tow your car.

For those extreme cases when regaining access to your car can’t be done on-site, we can also provide a towing service. If you’re in a hurry and you want to get moving ASAP, you can have us tow your car to a more convenient location to get the locks worked on.

From lock out services to towing and even battery and tire service, Pacific Autow Center will get you back on the road. If you need any help, all you have to do is give us a call.

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